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Videoblogging turns to gold…just ‘Ask a Ninja’

We’ve talked about the concept of commercializing video in DC Media Makers e.g. placing sponsors while preserving content quality, etc. And it looks like those Ask a Ninja guys turned concept into gold.

*post dedicated to this ninja stud here.


Scoble’s geek friends launch ‘Cooking with Geeks’

So fun.

I just remembered (and commented over at his place) that some couples who interviewed for Living with Geeks were wine enthusiasts; they even poured moi a glass & shared the context of their fabulous choice. But I haven’t experienced an in-the-kitchen experience with said geeks just yet.

-Haven’t watched Scoble’s kitchen vid but if geeks are involved, ya know it’ll be fun.

It’s on tape: youngest geek ever signs major Podtech contract


Podtech knows how to grow talent and protect their future assets.

Netflix gets web-geeky: company to distribute movies via streamed video

Scobleizer criticizes the Netflix decision, centrally the HD issue.

The linked-to NYT article is interesting.

CES & bloghaus re-cap: Scoble becomes fan of blunt Loren Feldman

Scoble cracks-up in a good way and says it’s all good with Feldman.

And we all need some funny bubbles.

CES video: walking through it all with Scoble

…apparently it’s a 13-minute stroll.

CES video: Scoble catches up with tech bloggers & Bill Gates


While learning blessed Final Cut Express and implementing Getting Things Done, I’m borrowing geek-content from Scoble again!

Check out his cool group conversation.