About video series & film

Jill Foster: videographer. documentarian. new media joyleader.
jillmfoster@gmail.com (primary)
foster5jcat (im/aim)
202.204.2670 (voicemail)

Living with Geeks blogs-and-vlogs a documentary-in-progress & video series about what it’s like living with the very computer savvy through the perspective of their domestic partners. Jill Foster, producer, director, & humble (ha!) spouse of an IT Architect interviews couples where at least one partner works in IT. This site tracks all that plus news/commentary on computer-tech, non-fiction film, & video.

If your significant other works in IT — from the network engineer to the programmer to the CTO — I’m game to talk.

Now you say: “My geek-mate & I must interview!” Easy! Click the very top interview-now link for more info (or just email me to get our conversation started!).

Loving the DC area as a new media evangelist, I welcome the chance to field your questions on the project or schedule a project interview or extend a jolt of good-geek cheer.


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