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It’s on tape: youngest geek ever signs major Podtech contract


Podtech knows how to grow talent and protect their future assets.


SEM: first person vs third person & which makes online searching more effective

super geek t

So as apart of my computer-geek training this year, I’m learning how to code — which is a blast (…granted, I’ve only programmed a square thus far!).

Another goal is to beef-up my web industry vocabulary. And yes I just learned the term SEM or search engine marketing; it’s one of those terms where the definition was familiar in my head but the formal term for it wasn’t. SEO/SEM expert Brian M shares his take on first person vs third person writing in this regard (it wasn’t what I expected).

My geek: known ’em for 9 years & then he says

…casually and barely conscious of his remark:

Yeah, I’ve been coding since I was 13.

Thirteen?! You mean that age when my g’frens & I wore purple eye shadow and teased our hair 10 feet — all while listening to Thriller?


Geek in training: my first program!

The program draws a square!

forward 100
right 90
forward 100
right 90
forward 100
right 90
forward 100

…thanks to my geek and ACSLogo.