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2 minutes of adult toys, Star Wars, trouble: Eve & Miki duel lightsaber style on Living with Geeks

Meet Miki & Eve.

—champions of all things tech (and their dogs) who have at least a what — 5000:2 computer to human ratio in their home. Slight exaggerations aside, they by day work in Web design & strategy; and by night, Miki at least per his wife becomes “a CRAZY online gaming freak.”

From their medieval nuptials to their modern debates over Mac vs PC, get a glance at their Star Wars geek-out on this week’s Living with Geeks:


1.5 minutes: Elizabeth Edwards & blog-geek supporter says hi and sings

Holy Smokes!

Scoble’s recent invitation to observe Edwards’ announcement campaign jogged my memory!

Earlier this year, I attended October’s ConvergeSouth conference where Elizabeth Edwards, Scoble, Maryam Scoble, and many others presented.

I’m humbled to say I forgot about this clip of Mrs. Edwards saying ‘hi’ to my husband (who was unable to attend the gig). She was savvy, hip, and gracious and if memory serves is a longtime NC basketball fan with Ed Cone (I think they’re basketball fans…that’s their link I thought and thus how she offered to be the conference’s keynote speaker).

Anyhow, I didn’t realize she was sitting behind my cranium (…stadium seating); after a quick greeting she agreed to say ‘hi’ on tape.

Then Ed Cone and David Hoggard led Mrs. Edwards and all the blogger-vlogger crowd in fearless (yet scary) song.

UPDATE: Maryam interviewed Mrs. Edwards (…can’t quite call her Elizabeth for some reason) at ConvergeSouth here.

2 minutes: Robert Scoble & Maryam: updated clip from yonder…

Revised clip for kicks (…starting to re-visit and upgrade older footage):

Jonny & Matty, T3: observing progress from the first take on up

This third pass includes music & minor edits.

For kicks, here are the (3) posts of Jonny & Matty’s segment with the most recent cut immediately below (random aside: the video/technology expo was excellent today!):

take 3

take 2

take 1

Fumentos’ interview: comparing take 1 to take 2

Immediately below is the second cut of the Fumentos’ original clip. I love the music; what say you on playing the music along with their audio track? Have a good day (…with their original post directly following).



Jonny, Matty T2: added effects + draft title bit

Thanks for taking time to see this footage & relay thoughts.

–Had fun with this second take. It’s hard not to keep editing until completion; but I keep reminding myself to value the editing process by posting bit by bit to better gain from readers. Allow imperfection. Allow incompletion. Grrrrrrr! It’s tough for some reason. I guess my ego thinks the video police will …. growl:

Photo credits (to be added in final segment):
SteveA, CC license 2.0 for A Few Laptops
The Stivo, CC license 2.0 for Red Bull
Amayita (for Flickr citation yet isn’t original photographer), CC license 2.0 for Peace, Love, Linux

Reader feedback for project’s first segment + party naked

Quick n dirty regarding the six minute segment:

– treatment works with interview footage so far; the transitional scripts more support vs distract;

– humor compliments the subject’s experience (vs undermines it which concerned me at first;

– possibly (from interviewee Kelly directly) the clips on change were too long;

– adjust camera/interviewee angle so her gaze crosses the expanse of the screen vs the right-flush edge;

– dance on tables naked with Sean…doh!…that’s not for this blog! So I’ve been working a deadline for my husband’s home movie, a gift from me for our anniversary. It’s been about 40 hours in four days with this and other freelance projects. All of which have been fantastically needed experiments in editing.

Color me loopy!

Hope all is well with you.