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48 hour film project & creative crazies: cutting short film in two days

cool pin

Have you heard of this?

The project, now international in 48+ cities, started in 2001 at our very own DC.

Our team meets to talk-shop tonight….can’t wait. We’ve got a fun, spunky crew ready to go — including some DC Media Makers.

Things we’ll brainstorm on & decide: shoot sites for different genres (we draw our genre Friday, then start writing plot, script, casting, etc), production schedule for next weekend, how many pizza places are on team’s speed dial…

Creative production only transpires next weekend during the actual project festival. We write, rehearse, act, shoot, and edit to cut a 4-to-7 minute short!

See cool projects all over YouTube & Blip….like this past audience favorite (folks from CNN; thanks Scott):


video, 20 seconds by maryam scoble: wishing dc web women a happy 12th at web 2.0 video panel

Maryam contributed to DCWW’s big bru-ha-ha a lot — with an extensive email interview

and this sincere, gracious clip (event night was a huge blast & conversation on Web 2.0 video):

Feedback + footnotes on no-tripod look: Eve & Miki’s Living with Geeks clip

RE – tripod or not

I love the hand-held approach (vs tripod) esp in the video series. The look comes across more personal & participatory in interviews. So I experiment more with camera style in the vid series (vs with the core documentary content).


I agree more with Phil, video creative & savvy DC Media Maker:
the movement distracts from this clip’s cool subjects.


RE – As for the lighting

What do you think?

If memory serves, we talked mostly in the sun room late afternoon where additional lighting was unavailable (…memory is fading on this point!).

Loving the feedback (thanks and keep it comin’).


Hot projects for DC Media Makers (look beyond bust line)

I interview for the Gerry T Show tonight; I at first resisted when seeing the attire of this interview subject. But the interview revealed her awareness & confidence (and the direct yet sensitive style of show host Gerry). So I’m game.

And Andy Carvin‘s wife Susanne just launched a new favorite series on child-rearing tips (starring Susanne and her infant daughter).

I laughed out loud at this overt-ops approach to packing diaper bags and breast feeding in public.

Scoble’s geek friends launch ‘Cooking with Geeks’

So fun.

I just remembered (and commented over at his place) that some couples who interviewed for Living with Geeks were wine enthusiasts; they even poured moi a glass & shared the context of their fabulous choice. But I haven’t experienced an in-the-kitchen experience with said geeks just yet.

-Haven’t watched Scoble’s kitchen vid but if geeks are involved, ya know it’ll be fun.

DC Media Maker covers anti-war rally: Yanni keeps the peace!

This media maker’s keepin’ it real!

For more rally coverage/video by DC Media Makers, travel over here.

Not geeky but still effective: video + passion help dyslexic kids

10,000 miles.

Iron will.

Enthusiastic partnerships.

Great results.

See Deannie for video.