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Feldman justifies Jobs with saucy lingo: why Apple rejects Open Source

Lauren Feldman sums it up with common sense and a sharp tongue.


O’Reilly FOO camp & geek bonding

This looks funtastic!

O'Reilly animal sketch

O’Reilly’s Brian Sawyer just posted Google’s aerial shots of last year’s FOO camp aka Friends Of O’Reilly. –Wonder if there will be one this year?

What it was:

We’ve invited about 200 Friends Of O’Reilly…people who’re doing interesting works in fields such as web services, data visualization and search, open source programming, computer security, hardware hacking, GPS, alternative energy, and all manner of emerging technologies to share their works-in-progress, show off the latest tech toys and hardware hacks, and tackle challenging problems together. We’ll have some planned activities, but much of the agenda will be determined by you. We’ll provide space, electricity, a wireless network, and a wiki. You bring your ideas, enthusiasms, and projects. We all get to know each other better, and hopefully come up with some cool ideas about how to change the world.

I’d love to interview some O’Reilly folks with their domestic partners, let alone The Good Tim.

Printable CEO, LifeHacker, and interview pipelines: 2007’s new plan, for-the-love-of-Pete


David Seah’s got an empowering idea as does this LifeHacker.

My greatest challenge is conquering a die-hard tendency to the stack philosophy. Stacks everywhere. Is that a 5″ space on the floor? Great! Now the mags have a home…

Habits sometimes change for the better for a few weeks or blissful months but all lapse into obscure stacks eventually.

But today, a step forward: creating a NeoOffice matrix for all complete, pending, hoped-for couples to interview this coming year. Even Melinda Gates, wife of the major non-Open Source Geek himself, made the list of potentials to contact. Dates of communique, next actions, pending waivers, all of it – ’tis there.

To 2007 I say:


O’Reilly library takes on site header (programming stud revealed)

I liked the content of Peter Renshaw’s photo for the site’s header e.g. pizza, O’Reilly Linux book, small keyboard clip. Kinda says it all. Yet after surfing through our home photo library, I stumbled on this shot posted now.

That O’Reilly shelf is 1 of 30 book shelves in our 600 sq ft apartment. My man stocks all of O’Reilly’s Python, Ruby, Perl, & XML editions (but not all the .Net ones).

So this pic takes the cake: it’s home & in a strange way it somehow says ‘programming stud’.

Interview leads: top Open Source women geeks in country

This list is officially logged in my lead funnel for interviews (wow…and Mitchell Baker has a law degree in addition to her Mozilla leadership. Swank).