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6 minutes, dracula needs a roommate: our 48 hour film submission

It’s raunchy, as in raunchy.

It’s goofy.

It’s fangggtastic…: the 48 Hour Film Project I produced with an awesome, hilarious, dedicated group of folks:


join us! dc media makers meet thurs, 5/10th, cleveland park library

Join DC Media Makers this Thursday!

Intrigued by media & media literacy issues — esp online video?

Want to learn how to produce video on your own?

Just curious about online video production?

Then you’re welcome to join us this Thursday, May 10, at Cleveland Park Library on the red line-downtown DC.

Whether you want to share your specific projects or just meet-n-greet to learn more, we’ve got a great meeting for you.

Hear Jill Foster’s zany, awesome experience producing a short film for the recent 48 Hour Film Project with fantastic fellow media makers.

Learn how other media makers recently shot video for an anti-human trafficking group.

…and even more about media makers’ initiatives in teaching video blogging in the community.

thursday, may 10
cleveland park metro, red line, library is just south of the metro stop
3310 Connecticut Avenue, N.W.

CHECK OUT our project blog for more info!

producing a 48 hour film project: dracula meets a nasty dc (join us & screen our final cut at AFI Theatre 5/8th!)

Fear.less.films entered the 48 Hour Film Project this past weekend; from sundown 5/4th to sundown 5/6th — our team wrote, cast, rehearsed, filmed, & cut a 6 minute short film.

I produced the project and loved every minute. The final cut is a creepy riot; the audio could have been stronger. We just ran out of time to tweak. But bottom line, who knew being so horrifically immoral could be so fun…in terms of producing a film.

Join us this Tuesday! Come celebrate & screen our film Tuesday, May 8th, 7pm, at Silver Spring’s AFI Theatre!

We drew our genre out of a hat last Friday and from there, produced the film soup to nuts.

our genre:

our assigned prop: bracelet

our assigned character: Rosie or Roosevelt Addams

& our assigned line of dialogue: “That’s what I’m talking about.”

Hilarious. Fun. Adrenaline packed. And richly immoral & unhealthy as are the ways of the horrifying!

48 hour film project & creative crazies: cutting short film in two days

cool pin

Have you heard of this?

The project, now international in 48+ cities, started in 2001 at our very own DC.

Our team meets to talk-shop tonight….can’t wait. We’ve got a fun, spunky crew ready to go — including some DC Media Makers.

Things we’ll brainstorm on & decide: shoot sites for different genres (we draw our genre Friday, then start writing plot, script, casting, etc), production schedule for next weekend, how many pizza places are on team’s speed dial…

Creative production only transpires next weekend during the actual project festival. We write, rehearse, act, shoot, and edit to cut a 4-to-7 minute short!

See cool projects all over YouTube & Blip….like this past audience favorite (folks from CNN; thanks Scott):