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video, 20 seconds by maryam scoble: wishing dc web women a happy 12th at web 2.0 video panel

Maryam contributed to DCWW’s big bru-ha-ha a lot — with an extensive email interview

and this sincere, gracious clip (event night was a huge blast & conversation on Web 2.0 video):


video, 1 min by jonny goldstein with ryanne hodson at dc web women’s web 2.0 panel

Gettin’ the Evlogelical buzz.

video, 1.5 min: phil shapiro talks pros & cons of youtube at web 2.0 video panel

Produced by Yours Truly.

Phil is a great, consistent supporter of DC Web Women and added a lot of insight to video creativity.

Phil’s also a DC Media Maker.

video, 45 seconds, by beth kanter: happy 12th anniversary to dc web women

Beth joined the Web 2.0 video panel remotely; she also cut this for our celebration.

So good (…young blogger-vlogger in training):

video, 1.5 min: jonny goldstein talks-up diy video over mass media at dc web women’s web 2.0 panel

Produced by Yours Truly.

-Loved how Jonny emphasized empowering one’s self to cover community events:

Jonny’s also a DC Media Maker.

video, 4 min: andy carvin talks citizen journalism & tunisia at dc web women’s web 2.0 video panel

I just cut four videos – all brief – reflecting core discussions from DC Web Women’s 12th anniversary event last week.

Excellent affair.

-with other panelist Jonny Goldstein getting a laugh and strong commentary from DCWW member Barbara Halpern:

Andy’s also a DC Media Maker.