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Final Cut blues: crawling back to iMovie (for now…)


After some weeks of tinkering with Final Cut and being amazed and dazzled with its capability, I’m – only for the short-term – returning to iMovie and here’s why:


Santa is disappointed too.

Yep – Final Cut is absolutely amazing and in-depth but it’s darned humbling!

No matter what I do in Final Cut, it looks like ‘The Suck’ (…as my man is known to say). I’ve ripped up footage, mis-aligned audio, and haven’t posted project-related clips on the blog in for-ev-ah (despite interviewing folks on a regular, fantastically fun basis e.g. footage is ready to fly!).

I fear this means I’m impatient in learning this. Ok! But the truth is, methinks learning in a collaborative environment with this may be useful. Or is that wimpy?

What’s your Final Cut (Express or Pro) learning-curve experience?!


Apple outshadows Xbox + Macbook comes early for birthday

My man’s birthday is in April; and I didn’t want to wait LAST MINUTE for his gift.
{ subtext: I’m a sucker to see him glow with joy }

Plus Apple Recon gives Apple sales updates…in-ter-est-ing (blowing Xbox away).

Feldman justifies Jobs with saucy lingo: why Apple rejects Open Source

Lauren Feldman sums it up with common sense and a sharp tongue.

Listen to a geek song: new Mac owner gives lyrical thanks

We recently gave an older Mac to DC Media Maker Phil Shapiro who connects unused computers to others wanting them in the community. It’s a great program. And the Mac’s new family, Mary, sang a song of glee.

…makes life worth livin’!

Geek debate: iPhone & Steve Jobs’ sales forecast

An interesting thread unfolds at Sharing the Truth.

Many Mac and tech loyalists chimed in on Jobs’ potentially over zealous sales forecast for the iPhone. Coming from a sales, non-tech background — I believe his $10m is appropriately aggressive as Apple’s leader. He is after all not only Apple’s Chief Enthusiast but its champion in profitability as well.

UPDATE: -more iPhone info on network carriers.

Geek-takes: Google Earth & iPhone, the day after

Cool Google update per Techcrunch with an iPhone take-down at Graceful Flavor’s place.

Apple’s iPhone with iPod: yes, it is that hip & that cool

We guessed it was possible and now it’s here.