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Final Cut Producer reflects on final resting place

cherry tree

FCP Andy Coon invites your reply: what tree would grow your soul in the afterlife?

*photo uploaded by Andy Coon


Theft & love in dual geek households

dog speak geek

KClemson tells a good one.

Husband’s Y0S2: why Living with Geeks trips my trigger

Two reasons:

Dave Winer’s essay from 4000 years ago (love it);

And my husband’s self-determining YOS2 (love it more).

Time’s Richard Stengel frames power of new media (+ DCMM)

Time’s feature coverage of new media’s influence offers a swirling mix of excitement, prediction, and candor.

I love Stengel’s quote from this Person of the Year’s edition, managing editor’s essay:

The new media age of Web 2.0 is threatening only if you believe that an excess of democracy is the road to anarchy. I don’t.


His quote resonates the enthusiasm of the District’s new media peer group aka DC Media Makers.

–In the area & a new media nut? Join us for beers Jan. 4th.

Ape vs Mensa: ugliest male bloggers of 2006 (or actually…)

Content Mensa

“I’m an online content Mensa! Who cares if I’m ugly?!”

[ warning: now entering the Overkill Zone ]

Welcome to The Mighty Net where online content drives seamless, democratic access to conversation. Yet footnote, Gizmodo and Amit Agarwal still include aesthetics in this content-driven forum, specifically when it comes to analyzing content of female “babe” bloggers.

Is the driving democratic force behind new media and Node101 abandoning passion for content and embracing … babehood ratings? Are the non-Cali Lewis gals, no matter their quality of conversation — destined for mere Ugly Bettyhood?

The whole babe blogger thing doesn’t really compel a Top 10 Hot Hunks Blogger list, at least from this end of the Net. How about naming the Ugliest Male Bloggers of 2006? Nah, that’s just cruel & still plays the shallow game of focusing on looks vs ideas. Hmm.

How ’bout this:

Smart n Savvy Male Bloggers of the Year (apes? Daniel Craigs? why would we care?)

Randomly cited e.g. not in order of IQ size
Jonny Goldstein (humor genius)
Carl Weaver (Vlog Santa + photographer = awesome)
Sean Stickle (IT, books, ideas…the fearless, unstoppable brain)
Robert Scoble (not to overkill the man’s name but it was nice how he & his wife Maryam made interview time at ConvergeSouth)
Andy Carvin (new media evangelist with a mighty wit)
Andy Coon (Final Cut whiz, podcast conversationalist, filmmaker…can’t be beat)
Jay Cheel (anything documentary with quality analysis…good stuff)
Ed Cone (the man of ideas; reliable honesty)
Billy The Blogging Poet (compelling rhymes 24/7)
Glenn Reynolds (legal mind taking on us all & protecting blogger rights along the way)
Ze Frank (the TED attending blinkless wonder)
-My Dad (…if he vlogged or blogged)

Who would make-up your Smart n Savvy list?

-Still pondering Smart n Savvy females…there are so many!

* photo by Luke Robinson, cc license 2.0, share, non-commercial

Why I began this film (& Dave Winer knocks my socks off)

Dave Winer wrote this essay eons ago; it deserves a stadium applause for how it observes the wonderful exactness in computer programmers:

A great programmer is a seeker of truth and beauty. Successful programmers know how to ask questions, and they know how to ask the *right* question. You can’t go forward until that happens. A programmer is a rigorous scientist determined to coax the truth out of the ones and zeros. There’s the beauty.

This is why I can’t wait to do my job in the morning & produce this documentary and video series:

a) marriage to my IT Architect, after 6+ years, is a funky thing;
b) and computer techs in my little world like my man see life in mostly black and white e.g. the machine works or it doesn’t; the code either fixed it or didn’t; the program is either dumb or smart; people are smart or stupid.

I’m not that type of thinker; the world is one big beautiful zone of gray that takes a lot of laughter and sifting through to figure out. But really computer-centric folk seem to view things more strictly, with a unique clarity. I still like my ‘gray periscope’ but I crave the stories of computer techs to hear their versions of clarity — and how their partners experience that uniqueness. I realize this works from generalization yet it also stems from personal experience.

Geek dating mentor: Maryam Scoble’s essay on geeks as mates

Loved re-reading this.

Happy New Year!