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Feedback + footnotes on no-tripod look: Eve & Miki’s Living with Geeks clip

RE – tripod or not

I love the hand-held approach (vs tripod) esp in the video series. The look comes across more personal & participatory in interviews. So I experiment more with camera style in the vid series (vs with the core documentary content).


I agree more with Phil, video creative & savvy DC Media Maker:
the movement distracts from this clip’s cool subjects.


RE – As for the lighting

What do you think?

If memory serves, we talked mostly in the sun room late afternoon where additional lighting was unavailable (…memory is fading on this point!).

Loving the feedback (thanks and keep it comin’).



Cutting Edge: Spielberg, Scorsese, Tarantino talk-shop on film editing

Excellent (…settle in for the 1.5 hr documentary).

Interview feedback: the faeries say talk less & listen more

When talking with folks for this project, sometimes I fret over how to draw-out their favorite topics (or if I stutter or am too wordy).

Then usually a magical faery whispers in my ear with this reminder:
“It ain’t ’bout you Foster! Ask about them genuinely & just shut up!”

Thanks to the faery (who shall remain anonymous) and Tom for your comment.

Learning about computer geeks really is a dream way to spend time (on or off camera).

Ewok pez, Dr. Who, & good wine: interviewing Tom & Lisa

All that and more unfolded at the house of Tom and Lisa (and two doggies).

–Can’t wait to review and post some footage from our talk. One thing’s for sure, their smarts and sense of play shined through, as did their value for each other.

And man! …do they know their vino.

My geek: known ’em for 9 years & then he says

…casually and barely conscious of his remark:

Yeah, I’ve been coding since I was 13.

Thirteen?! You mean that age when my g’frens & I wore purple eye shadow and teased our hair 10 feet — all while listening to Thriller?


Preparing for interviews + being interviewed + Google’s take on sultry stuff


Sometime Friday I’ll test the new mic from Santa even more for the fun geek interviews planned this weekend. Yowza! In reading on interview styles at MediaShift’s archives, I caught up on their recent Top 5 and takes on Google’s search approach to niche blogs e.g. sex stuff.

And it was fun learning more about DC Media Maker Carl Weaver today; we talked about a lot of stuff – entering the 48 Hour Film Project, how to keep-up with new photo tech, how sales backgrounds can help with one’s new media projects….& his time in Thailand studying Buddhism. He asked some cool questions about Living with Geeks that reminded me what exactly trips my trigger about this project in the first place!

Reader feedback: questions for folks who shy away from filmed interviews

IT way of life t shirt

Michelle thought the first question on geek stereotypes was too broad and suggested this instead:

What did you think of geeks before you met your mate? And has that view changed since you have been together?

I prefer her revision.