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Living with Geeks: a video series and documentary-in-progress the looks and often celebrates what it’s like living with the very computer savvy!

If you live with, date, or are married to someone in IT – including everything from sys admin to web dev to programming to CTO — this documentary project / video series wants your help. These projects are based solely on interviews with couples where at least one partner works in IT. Got a geek in your house? Then share your stories together on camera, over the phone, or via email with producer Jill Foster. She’s eager for insight into your geek world – beyond the blogs & bandwidth.

Just pick an option:

Option 1: answer the questions that follow – any or all – and email those to producer Jill Foster,;

Option 2: if you live in the NY, DC, MD, VA area – contact Jill Foster to schedule an in-person, fun and filmed conversation,;

Option 3: if you live anywhere on the planet – contact Jill Foster to schedule a phone, fun and recorded conversation,

Option 4: skip participating all together but gladly refer to other willing geek couples the questions below and/or Jill’s contact data.

The Questions

…geared toward the less computer savvy person in the couple but if both you & your mate/spouse/domestic partner work in IT, I’m game to talk with duel-geek households too!

1) What did you think of computer/IT geeks before you met your mate? Feel free including stereotypical images like taped-together eye glasses, etc. (if indeed those images influenced your original perceptions). And has that view changed since you have been together?

2) Describe your geek-mate in the context of religion; romance; parenthood; tech habits/hobbies like gaming or blogging; money matters e.g. is there a budget solely for tech gadgets; sense of humor; domestic chores. What’s your mate’s approach to some or all of these? Or feel free sharing what you both do as a team toward these issues.

3) What attracts you the most about your geek-mate? How are you most compatible?

4) How do you most differ? What drives you nuts? e.g. Wifi is mandatory for all vacations…

5) Share a memorable moment or experience that – to you – defines the uniqueness of your geek-mate or you together as a geek-couple e.g. they have more old, unused CPUs than their toddler’s stuffed animal collection;

6) Feel free answering your favorite, un-asked question here.

7) Please clarify how long you’ve been with your geek-mate and each of your professions. Thanks!

Send your replies or inquiries or interest for in-person/on-phone follow-ups to: (primary)
foster5jcat (im/aim)
202.204.2670 (voicemail)


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