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O’Reilly library takes on site header (programming stud revealed)

I liked the content of Peter Renshaw’s photo for the site’s header e.g. pizza, O’Reilly Linux book, small keyboard clip. Kinda says it all. Yet after surfing through our home photo library, I stumbled on this shot posted now.

That O’Reilly shelf is 1 of 30 book shelves in our 600 sq ft apartment. My man stocks all of O’Reilly’s Python, Ruby, Perl, & XML editions (but not all the .Net ones).

So this pic takes the cake: it’s home & in a strange way it somehow says ‘programming stud’.


BoingBoing finds “…geeky version of The Sting”

Re – interview pipeline

Interviews unfold for the next three months but not in the immediate few weeks. So I’m really amping up the search for geeks in love that wanna talk!

This looks so fun & gadget-filled for a holiday caper plot. That’s apparently its main appeal — fun — vs being a finely edited script.

…more on this geeky new fiction here.

Producing a documentary + tossing a novel e.g. NaNoWriMo on the fly

–Can’t let starting late destroy the will to complete writing my first ever NaNoWriMo novel (first novel to complete in my 35.9 years truthfully!).

Tossed out 1,500 words so far with 44,500 to go by Nov 30th with two 5-day out of town trips this month.

must…write…f a s t e r.

A few interviews are almost scheduled with some really energetic leads from DC Web Women. One geek couple e.g. the good Kelly & Jeff interview together later this week. The big challenge has been securing interviews in the destination city I visit mid-month down South. The blogosphere must be busy out that way – with few responses to interview invitations. But that’s ok. Onward, upward! Intrigued geeks WILL BE unearthed!

And have fun fellow NaNoWriMo novelers!

November is national novel writing month: vlogging meets NaNoWriMo

I’m in.

I’m doing it. And this year I’m vlogging my attempt!

It’s time to fearlessly write a novel in one month. Heck why not November?! What the ^%&*!, you gest? The folks at NaNoWriMo can set you straight for free, complete with self-motivation tips & how to sign-up.

Do it.

Remember nothing can stop us novel writing wannabes, not fear, not pumpkin pie, not writer’s block. Let your brain drum up some characters & some kind of plot wrapped in 50k words by November 30th at midnight. And then we’ll cross this off our lives’ must-do list.