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48 hour film project & creative crazies: cutting short film in two days

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Have you heard of this?

The project, now international in 48+ cities, started in 2001 at our very own DC.

Our team meets to talk-shop tonight….can’t wait. We’ve got a fun, spunky crew ready to go — including some DC Media Makers.

Things we’ll brainstorm on & decide: shoot sites for different genres (we draw our genre Friday, then start writing plot, script, casting, etc), production schedule for next weekend, how many pizza places are on team’s speed dial…

Creative production only transpires next weekend during the actual project festival. We write, rehearse, act, shoot, and edit to cut a 4-to-7 minute short!

See cool projects all over YouTube & Blip….like this past audience favorite (folks from CNN; thanks Scott):


See you there: dc web women celebrate 12 years this april

See DC Web Women’s invite-teaser (1.5 minutes):

Expect great speakers for this event (details forthcoming).

DC Media Maker covers anti-war rally: Yanni keeps the peace!

This media maker’s keepin’ it real!

For more rally coverage/video by DC Media Makers, travel over here.

DC Media Maker Andy Carvin interviews Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Rev Jesse Jackson at anti war rally

Andy – a DC Media Makerreported on behalf of Rocketboom today.

Much of today’s events were organized by United for Peace.

Check-in for ongoing DC Media Maker coverage on this weekend’s protests.

2.5 minutes: war protest/peace rally at US Capitol + disturbing images

A few folks from DC Media Makers covered today’s protests and march.

See below clips from my source footage.

All footage and audio are from today’s events. One clip shows a mock hostage scene. Also some audio includes a young child voicing protest (I offer this in case you’d rather avoid said clips before screening…).

DC Media Makers cover Iraq war protest + Raging Grannies, Sean Penn, Jesse Jackson

usa shirt

DC Media Makers Andy Carvin, Carl Weaver, and myself shot a range of footage.

Andy and Carl secured press credentials and accessed speakers backstage like:
Sean Penn, Jesse Jackson, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, and presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich, among others.

I observed the crowds & their messages of Bush’s impeachment, anti-occupation, & Raging Grannies for Peace. Footage forthcoming.

UPDATE: Americablog remarks on the protest’s slate of speakers.

Thanks to DC Web Women: acting as an extra in local film ‘Last Winter’

do all my own stunts

The lights!

The camera!

The action!

And yes the director used words like ‘rehearse it twice, then go!’ and ‘quiet for take 2, scene 43!’.

A DCWW member posted a call-for-extras notice to the list serve; she’s a friend of the producer for Last Winter, a current production being filmed in DC.

A few of us were asked to drink champagne in a New Years Eve scene and silently mouth conversation (…director suggested whispering the word ‘watermelon’ as it makes the mouth look like it’s rhythmically speaking).

I salivated over their portable studio — a huge tripod set-up with a few boom mics, a sound unit crammed in the apartment’s kitchen (a temporary set for this particular scene), and round, white lighting sheaths on fish pole like fixtures.

It was a thrill observing the set, the actors made or missed their lines, & the producer in the background trying to feed us extras.