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Andy Coon interviews Alive In Baghdad’s Brian Conley

Alive In Baghdad

Andy Coon’s latest podcast underscores what great partners the vlogosphere and citizen journalists make.

Andy, Final Cut producer and filmmaker, hosts a consistently informed site for film tech & style. He also conducts podcast interviews with top talent on the documentary scene. And he just scored big — both for content and for his readers/listeners.

Brian Conley, producer of Alive In Baghdad, interviewed with Andy today on the genesis of the Baghdad series. They also discuss what it’s been like producing weekly online videos about the day-to-day life in Iraq.

Not to harp on this point, but to offer context for those who haven’t viewed this series yet:
Alive In Baghdad and Brian’s staff won top honors at the Vloggies; it’s a funny sounding event sponsored by Podtech. And it’s the Oscars for online video material.

The Alive In Baghdad series won:

Best Vlog (with a standing ovation at the San Fran ceremony)
Best Group Vlog
Best Political Vlog
Favorite Interview Vlog

It’s tremendous what these guys are able to share with the world via the Net — and equally so for Andy to discuss the nuts-n-bolts behind their program and philosophy.

Listen to their podcast conversation here.


Seeking geek-vlog sense of style

I’m stepping-up study of vlogs to learn new editing tacts & signature styles. My short-term goal in geekville is launching a geek-couple interview series January 1.

So much greatness abounds! Here’s a savory, stylish vlogger from the Vloggies’ Best Editing winner, Freshtopia.

…love the wit,
the intent,
the verve,
the hair.

Enjoy chocolate-vlogging lusciousness here.

Re-living the Vloggies (& some great brains at that)

If you missed the Vloggies in San Fran recently like I did, here’s a hip re-cap per PodTech (LOVE their starting sequence with PodTech’s logo).

See some fantastic vloggers at their best (many have excellent ideas for starting your own online video cast series).

The wit, grit, & verve of The Vloggies: the winning few

People’s Choice Award winners from last night’s Vloggies per Scobleizer.

Maybe some of the tech Vloggie entrants would be up to interviewing for the project?!


Ze Frank talks computer-geek smack

-Laughed out load at Ze Frank’s blinkless attempt at computer-geek lingo: