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video, 1 min by jonny goldstein with ryanne hodson at dc web women’s web 2.0 panel

Gettin’ the Evlogelical buzz.


Dan Rather on bull sh*t & blogs: an Andy Carvin interview

I just linked to this elsewhere but after thinking on it, I want to give DC Media Maker Andy’s interview more attention. I loved this – for its candor & conversational view of Dan Rather.

He interviews Dan Rather from the SXSW conference — where Rather gave the keynote address.

Print mags embrace online video: in-house studios emerge to compete


Thanks to DC Media Maker Phil Shapiro for this intriguing, trend-revealing news.

Videoblogging turns to gold…just ‘Ask a Ninja’

We’ve talked about the concept of commercializing video in DC Media Makers e.g. placing sponsors while preserving content quality, etc. And it looks like those Ask a Ninja guys turned concept into gold.

*post dedicated to this ninja stud here.

DC Media Maker Andy Carvin interviews Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Rev Jesse Jackson at anti war rally

Andy – a DC Media Makerreported on behalf of Rocketboom today.

Much of today’s events were organized by United for Peace.

Check-in for ongoing DC Media Maker coverage on this weekend’s protests.

Kevin Nalty at DIY Convention: the viral videologist speaks


Kevin certainly gets some traffic.

–Bet his talk at the DIY Convention will heartily rock.

CES video: Geek Entertainment’s Irina in bed literally with Lauren Feldman

silly smiley t shirt

PodTech’s bloghaus peeps keep that gossip mill spinning…