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3 minutes: walking to President Ford’s lying in state

A gorgeous city houses our nation’s Capitol; I walked app. 20 blocks from our home New Year’s Eve to pay respects on behalf of my folks.

Hope all is well with you; posts/footage will be more project-centric moving forward. This was just a unique salute through history:

3 minutes:


2 minutes: giggles, geekdom, & God

Kerry, a paralegal, shares about her husband Keith – an IT manager and this interview’s geek of the moment.

I love:
– her range of reflection and laughter;
– her patio coloring (…we interviewed at her home);
– the purple blazer

Loving less…:
– me torturing her with the camera angle that causes the sun to blind her and/or squint;
– her gaze is too flush left: I should have centered her eye direction toward the camera more

Ah – but her giggling at the end clip is contagious.

2 minutes – Scobleizer at ConvergSouth: punchy, flirty, uninterrupted

Are you rolling those eyes?! ‘Argh, another Scoble clip?’ Side note: that links to recent updates on Scoble’s fun photowalks.

I realize this footage is familiar. 🙂 But re-visiting it helps me learn what edits enable or distract from interviews. DC Media Makers screened some footage last week in teaser trailer format and made these suggestions.
So here are two uninterrupted minutes with my questions & interaction audible.

I like it more than when I first watched it months ago; not sure why except I recall we talked just after ConvergeSouth ended. They were happy and seemed post-presentation punchy (side note part deux: Maryam just interviewed a hip girl geek in London).

HAPPY HOLIDAYS to the max!

1.5 minutes: living Open Source outside & inside the Fumentos’ home

I like this raw footage, especially their financial take on tech gadgetry (& how their fascination manifests differently from some other folks interviewed). What do you think of the budget line of questioning? keep it? expand it? shrink it? stop it?

Narration & transitions coming soon. Have a great one!

1 minute: Kelly’s man, Linux, & external force

The editing-exercise series continues!

… e.g. posting raw interview footage & respective edits incrementally for that original raw clip.

Sound is rough but I sure like how Kelly makes her comparisons.

2 minutes: Mary & Mike on home grown German magic

…raw, fun stuff. I’ll post more segments & edits for them later today or for sure this week.

I love how they’ve created their home. Mary & Mike were a pleasure getting to know.

5 minutes: Jonny, Matty, a throbbing boil, & geek anthropology

No voice over, no edits, no music – just pure footage to start an editing experiment.

Thanks again to Jonny & Matty for the fun, animated conversation. NOTE: this clip starts with Jonny sharing his experience in an NYU program. And with this post an experiment takes flight: posting an unedited interview segment first, with subsequent edits posted to the same segment later.


Through this process, what do you crave in content on this particular clip…
e.g. more narration?
more follow-up questions to Jonny & Matty?
or another raw clip to compare to this one?

Love your thoughts!…with more raw bits tomorrow: