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Stanford’s Fair Use Project for documentary filmmakers

Timely for non-fiction film.


Cutting Edge: Spielberg, Scorsese, Tarantino talk-shop on film editing

Excellent (…settle in for the 1.5 hr documentary).

Film 4 Food Fest: Documentary Blog screens for good cause

–with more here on how to help them help out.

Hot new doc – I can’t wait: DC screening of ‘God Grew Tired of Us’

It screens Fri.1.19.07 at DC’s E Street Landmark Cinema.

C’mon, let’s go…with more news on it here & lots more from Jay.

UPDATE: Nicole Kidman narrates.

Film distribution consult: Stacey Parks

Bk film distr

As sky-rocketing excited as I am about Living with Geeks’ production, my ego does embrace a degree of realism: we’re a long way from the final cut! The video series however should (gulp!) launch in January with hopes of cutting weekly mini segments with ‘geek’ couples.

But it’s still fun & encouraging to browse distribution ideas / successes.

Stacy Parks gives some useful tips.

Amateur v pro: Techdirt takes sides for film work


I like the open, personal feel of non-tripod recordings for band documentaries aka good ‘ol amateur stuff.

What’s your take?

Do you prefer more pro filming?

or Karl at Techdirt’s point of view?

Making of Jay Cheel’s film ‘Obsessed and Scientific’

indie film tee

While digging into Final Cut Express, I won’t be posting quite as much original footage (which is hard to not do for some reason…it feels like playing hooky). But learning Final Cut is a passionate dream and I must prevent letting devilish procrastination impede this emerging Final Cut self study!

In the meantime, for the love of all things documentary:
Jay at The Documentary Blog recently launched a new series which includes clips from the making of his personal documentary project Obsessed and Scientific.

If you like non-fiction and time travel and have one minute, take a look.