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Reflections: project goals, good peeps, & video tech (plus leaving town)

star trek

Have a stunning week! (-leaving town but shall link up to blogosphere).

After pondering the video series & documentary, I realized again what a blast it’s been. Few things are as fun & engaging as meeting geek-folks who love their lives & what they do (and want to share it). I’ve learned tons on video tech & style from great peeps (join us for happy hour this Thursday!).

And I’ve got a burnin’ drive to make these things happen by March!
vlog more on favorite parts of the project, the people interviewed etc; post more personal reflections via video;
get up to speed on Final Cut (Andy’s a big resource on Final Cut trends & tips) — as to post clips from couple interviews more steadily (weekly!);
diversify media e.g. podcast w/ Audacity, post photos, etc


Final Cut blues: crawling back to iMovie (for now…)


After some weeks of tinkering with Final Cut and being amazed and dazzled with its capability, I’m – only for the short-term – returning to iMovie and here’s why:


Santa is disappointed too.

Yep – Final Cut is absolutely amazing and in-depth but it’s darned humbling!

No matter what I do in Final Cut, it looks like ‘The Suck’ (…as my man is known to say). I’ve ripped up footage, mis-aligned audio, and haven’t posted project-related clips on the blog in for-ev-ah (despite interviewing folks on a regular, fantastically fun basis e.g. footage is ready to fly!).

I fear this means I’m impatient in learning this. Ok! But the truth is, methinks learning in a collaborative environment with this may be useful. Or is that wimpy?

What’s your Final Cut (Express or Pro) learning-curve experience?!

Final Cut groups prove good sources: Philly, LA, NYC

Here’s a hip update on a workflow management tool for FCP.

I’m still pluggin’ along on learning Final Cut Express & am increasingly eager to share new clips from the footage pipeline (four couple interviews!).

Making of Jay Cheel’s film ‘Obsessed and Scientific’

indie film tee

While digging into Final Cut Express, I won’t be posting quite as much original footage (which is hard to not do for some reason…it feels like playing hooky). But learning Final Cut is a passionate dream and I must prevent letting devilish procrastination impede this emerging Final Cut self study!

In the meantime, for the love of all things documentary:
Jay at The Documentary Blog recently launched a new series which includes clips from the making of his personal documentary project Obsessed and Scientific.

If you like non-fiction and time travel and have one minute, take a look.

Christmas Eve with CTU, Final Cut Express, and big hopes

A quick post before Christmas Eve dinner…

As for the video series and documentary, interviews are in the pipeline with awesome goals for next year (-shall seek out some CTOs and Open Source champions in spring). I’m a little nervous to reach out to some folks e.g. DoD, White House, Texas Instruments but heck, you never know which couples want to share their lives.

Hey – which computer-tech-geek and significant other would you want to learn about?

But for now, posting raw footage will slow; I’m learning Final Cut Express and exporting out of iMovie. Thanks again Santa who gave a huge surprise (wasn’t going to invest in Final Cut until mid-year).

May your 2007 involve mega wonder & joy (…like the look the gift puts on her face).

30 seconds of DC where Santa bites the dust (& Christmas came early with Final Cut Express)

Sean The Santa surprised me!

When I returned home tonight, his face was gleaming toward some wrapped gifts with that look of “I know somethin’ you don’t know”.

This Santa forbid waiting till Christmas (or birthday this weekend). Now that’s a rule to play by! With haste, with glee, the Final Cut Express magic was unwrapped. Thank you x 6000.

…exploring it now with wide eyes & high hopes.

En route to the Gov’t Technology & Video Expo last week, these festive bits appeared throughout DC.

May your week be filled with all the fa la la la la’s you can muster…:

Andy Coon interviews Director Deborah Scranton on ‘The War Tapes’

Listen to filmmaker Andy Coon’s strong podcast.

-how her latest documentary The War Tapes began production
-why stories of certain soldiers were chosen over others
-subjectivity vs objectivity
-where truth comes from

…it’s all there.