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3 minutes: walking to President Ford’s lying in state

A gorgeous city houses our nation’s Capitol; I walked app. 20 blocks from our home New Year’s Eve to pay respects on behalf of my folks.

Hope all is well with you; posts/footage will be more project-centric moving forward. This was just a unique salute through history:

3 minutes:


Probing, positive, powerful: what are you optimistic about in 2007?



Some bloggin’ folks have passed on this question by the Edge’s World Question Center:

What are you optimistic about in 2007 and why?

Tripping my trigger thus far:

a) laughter overload! Why? the medicinal value overfloweth;

b) announced & to-announce candidates considering the US presidency; Why? electing a president is cool empowerment;

c) decisions toward world peace (nice bit by John McCarthy); Why? It’s a thrilling proposition when it’s a shared goal within the world order.

d) and locally, I’m chomping at the bit for DC’s evolution in media partnerships e.g expanded film fests, local Final Cut initiatives, new vlogger fests, & blogger/vlogger collaborations

What’s got you on the edge of your seat for 2007?

It’s gonna be a stunning year of probing, positive, powerful pppossibility.

* photo by Chotda under CC Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0

Attending President Ford’s lying in state

Ford casket DC

This isn’t project affiliated but it seemed ok to blog this historical moment since it’s in our neighborhood.

When Ford served as president I was in elementary school (Hugh Hewitt nicely summarizes his term). My political affinity for him isn’t really defined but looking back at that period, it would take some guts to lead this country let alone attempt to re-install national faith in the office. And Ford stepped up. My mother admired him tremendously and I look forward to representing her at the Capitol for the lying in state Sunday.

Happiest of New Years – and good memories – to all of you.

* photo by Matthew Bradley, cc license attribution-noncommercial-noderivs 2.0