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Apple outshadows Xbox + Macbook comes early for birthday

My man’s birthday is in April; and I didn’t want to wait LAST MINUTE for his gift.
{ subtext: I’m a sucker to see him glow with joy }

Plus Apple Recon gives Apple sales updates…in-ter-est-ing (blowing Xbox away).


Interview feedback: the faeries say talk less & listen more

When talking with folks for this project, sometimes I fret over how to draw-out their favorite topics (or if I stutter or am too wordy).

Then usually a magical faery whispers in my ear with this reminder:
“It ain’t ’bout you Foster! Ask about them genuinely & just shut up!”

Thanks to the faery (who shall remain anonymous) and Tom for your comment.

Learning about computer geeks really is a dream way to spend time (on or off camera).

Husband’s Y0S2: why Living with Geeks trips my trigger

Two reasons:

Dave Winer’s essay from 4000 years ago (love it);

And my husband’s self-determining YOS2 (love it more).