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Photo contest for “She’s such a geek”


Check out these geeked-to-perfection photos (…snap shots complete with Java script addicts & fans of the Periodic Table).

So good.

For more info (& by all means to enter yourself!….visit the authors here).

Thanks John for the tip!


Reflections: project goals, good peeps, & video tech (plus leaving town)

star trek

Have a stunning week! (-leaving town but shall link up to blogosphere).

After pondering the video series & documentary, I realized again what a blast it’s been. Few things are as fun & engaging as meeting geek-folks who love their lives & what they do (and want to share it). I’ve learned tons on video tech & style from great peeps (join us for happy hour this Thursday!).

And I’ve got a burnin’ drive to make these things happen by March!
vlog more on favorite parts of the project, the people interviewed etc; post more personal reflections via video;
get up to speed on Final Cut (Andy’s a big resource on Final Cut trends & tips) — as to post clips from couple interviews more steadily (weekly!);
diversify media e.g. podcast w/ Audacity, post photos, etc

Interview feedback: the faeries say talk less & listen more

When talking with folks for this project, sometimes I fret over how to draw-out their favorite topics (or if I stutter or am too wordy).

Then usually a magical faery whispers in my ear with this reminder:
“It ain’t ’bout you Foster! Ask about them genuinely & just shut up!”

Thanks to the faery (who shall remain anonymous) and Tom for your comment.

Learning about computer geeks really is a dream way to spend time (on or off camera).

Ewok pez, Dr. Who, & good wine: interviewing Tom & Lisa

All that and more unfolded at the house of Tom and Lisa (and two doggies).

–Can’t wait to review and post some footage from our talk. One thing’s for sure, their smarts and sense of play shined through, as did their value for each other.

And man! …do they know their vino.

Milestone: project interviews for January


This is the first month since really diving-in to this passion project last Fall where couple interviews have occurred on a weekly basis.

It’s just been an addictive blast learning about computer techs and their sweethearts — whether through in-person conversations on camera or via phone. So much as been learned on the technical side too e.g. making folks feel more at ease and being a better listener; camera angles; lighting; blessed audio!

Next up:
really focusing on organizing emerging patterns and traits from interviews
interviewing two cool couples this weekend.
catching-up on tech blog reading!

Thanks to DC Web Women: acting as an extra in local film ‘Last Winter’

do all my own stunts

The lights!

The camera!

The action!

And yes the director used words like ‘rehearse it twice, then go!’ and ‘quiet for take 2, scene 43!’.

A DCWW member posted a call-for-extras notice to the list serve; she’s a friend of the producer for Last Winter, a current production being filmed in DC.

A few of us were asked to drink champagne in a New Years Eve scene and silently mouth conversation (…director suggested whispering the word ‘watermelon’ as it makes the mouth look like it’s rhythmically speaking).

I salivated over their portable studio — a huge tripod set-up with a few boom mics, a sound unit crammed in the apartment’s kitchen (a temporary set for this particular scene), and round, white lighting sheaths on fish pole like fixtures.

It was a thrill observing the set, the actors made or missed their lines, & the producer in the background trying to feed us extras.

Carrot flowers, Tim Burton, & reflections on Dr. King

This weekend, some great conversations revealed awesome things that can go on in geek households — ranging from the living room used as a movie set to floral carrots carved in the name of romance.

Footage forthcoming!

And may you enjoy MLK Day – where Greensboro’s Final Cut Producer reflects.