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Feedback + footnotes on no-tripod look: Eve & Miki’s Living with Geeks clip

RE – tripod or not

I love the hand-held approach (vs tripod) esp in the video series. The look comes across more personal & participatory in interviews. So I experiment more with camera style in the vid series (vs with the core documentary content).


I agree more with Phil, video creative & savvy DC Media Maker:
the movement distracts from this clip’s cool subjects.


RE – As for the lighting

What do you think?

If memory serves, we talked mostly in the sun room late afternoon where additional lighting was unavailable (…memory is fading on this point!).

Loving the feedback (thanks and keep it comin’).



Geek debate: iPhone & Steve Jobs’ sales forecast

An interesting thread unfolds at Sharing the Truth.

Many Mac and tech loyalists chimed in on Jobs’ potentially over zealous sales forecast for the iPhone. Coming from a sales, non-tech background — I believe his $10m is appropriately aggressive as Apple’s leader. He is after all not only Apple’s Chief Enthusiast but its champion in profitability as well.

UPDATE: -more iPhone info on network carriers.

Skype phones evoke conversation on quality & new rates


So these Skype phones look hip but Engadgets’ commenters debate good points on sound quality. It all reminded me how Skype went from free domestic USA calls to almost-yet-not-free this month – eh? – so how much are the new rates? I ‘spose a Google search would answer that right quick like (it’s just more fun asking cool folks like you).

A Hong Kong Santa delivers surprise condenser mic!

Santa’s elves are workin’ overtime!


My husband just picked-up mail before coming home and walked in with a mysterious shipment from Hong Kong, addressed to the Jill of the house. With a raised brow I asked ” What the %&*(@ ! ”

And the sorry sneak said “It ain’t from me but I know what it is.”

Out popped a gorgeous electret HTDZ 320A condenser mic perfectly compatible with the Panasonic. I’m out of breath with surprise & glee!

But Santa? Hello Santa? Who helped you make this delivery?

Who, who deserves my kiss of thanks?

Whoever you are, your surprise has made its beautiful mark.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Video/indie film: creating your studio

I love learning indie film tech & system compatibility; more & more folks ask for equipment insights. I’ve broken (yikes) plenty of cameras but am currently having good fortune with Panasonic’s PVGS-180.

Since my knowledge fund is still forming on said tech, I like referring folks to more informed bloggers on equipment comparisons like Andy Coon, a Final Cut advocate & filmmaker in Greensboro.

These lighting kits per last week’s Gov’t Video & Technology Expo offer decent bang-for-the-buckeroo; having one of these intermediate kits is an eventual goal.

…reading iCreate Magazine for the non-Net reader experience is a good reference too for Apple folks.