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48 hour film project & creative crazies: cutting short film in two days

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Have you heard of this?

The project, now international in 48+ cities, started in 2001 at our very own DC.

Our team meets to talk-shop tonight….can’t wait. We’ve got a fun, spunky crew ready to go — including some DC Media Makers.

Things we’ll brainstorm on & decide: shoot sites for different genres (we draw our genre Friday, then start writing plot, script, casting, etc), production schedule for next weekend, how many pizza places are on team’s speed dial…

Creative production only transpires next weekend during the actual project festival. We write, rehearse, act, shoot, and edit to cut a 4-to-7 minute short!

See cool projects all over YouTube & Blip….like this past audience favorite (folks from CNN; thanks Scott):


video, 20 seconds by maryam scoble: wishing dc web women a happy 12th at web 2.0 video panel

Maryam contributed to DCWW’s big bru-ha-ha a lot — with an extensive email interview

and this sincere, gracious clip (event night was a huge blast & conversation on Web 2.0 video):

video, 1 min by jonny goldstein with ryanne hodson at dc web women’s web 2.0 panel

Gettin’ the Evlogelical buzz.

video, 4 min: andy carvin talks citizen journalism & tunisia at dc web women’s web 2.0 video panel

I just cut four videos – all brief – reflecting core discussions from DC Web Women’s 12th anniversary event last week.

Excellent affair.

-with other panelist Jonny Goldstein getting a laugh and strong commentary from DCWW member Barbara Halpern:

Andy’s also a DC Media Maker.

DIY Film Convention … just do it: your 2008 entry


How can you resist a year-round deadline?

Take a look.