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video, 4 min: andy carvin talks citizen journalism & tunisia at dc web women’s web 2.0 video panel

I just cut four videos – all brief – reflecting core discussions from DC Web Women’s 12th anniversary event last week.

Excellent affair.

-with other panelist Jonny Goldstein getting a laugh and strong commentary from DCWW member Barbara Halpern:

Andy’s also a DC Media Maker.


Dan Rather on bull sh*t & blogs: an Andy Carvin interview

I just linked to this elsewhere but after thinking on it, I want to give DC Media Maker Andy’s interview more attention. I loved this – for its candor & conversational view of Dan Rather.

He interviews Dan Rather from the SXSW conference — where Rather gave the keynote address.

2.5 minutes: war protest/peace rally at US Capitol + disturbing images

A few folks from DC Media Makers covered today’s protests and march.

See below clips from my source footage.

All footage and audio are from today’s events. One clip shows a mock hostage scene. Also some audio includes a young child voicing protest (I offer this in case you’d rather avoid said clips before screening…).