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1.5 minutes: Elizabeth Edwards & blog-geek supporter says hi and sings

Holy Smokes!

Scoble’s recent invitation to observe Edwards’ announcement campaign jogged my memory!

Earlier this year, I attended October’s ConvergeSouth conference where Elizabeth Edwards, Scoble, Maryam Scoble, and many others presented.

I’m humbled to say I forgot about this clip of Mrs. Edwards saying ‘hi’ to my husband (who was unable to attend the gig). She was savvy, hip, and gracious and if memory serves is a longtime NC basketball fan with Ed Cone (I think they’re basketball fans…that’s their link I thought and thus how she offered to be the conference’s keynote speaker).

Anyhow, I didn’t realize she was sitting behind my cranium (…stadium seating); after a quick greeting she agreed to say ‘hi’ on tape.

Then Ed Cone and David Hoggard led Mrs. Edwards and all the blogger-vlogger crowd in fearless (yet scary) song.

UPDATE: Maryam interviewed Mrs. Edwards (…can’t quite call her Elizabeth for some reason) at ConvergeSouth here.


ConvergeSouth & Scoble’s link love e.g. giving is receiving when it comes to good blogs

Maryam Scoble gives link love to ConvergeSouth women and the good ‘ole men as well. Thanks to her for the kind words & perspective on the project.

Link love was cited as a strong factor in Maryam’s ‘How to make a killer blog‘ talk at ConvergeSouth (presented with her geek-man Robert Scobleizer Scoble).

I liked their emphasis on this point.

As an amateur-but-passionate filmmaker, the blogosphere continues to be a major tool in learning from other filmmakers & bloggers in the tech industry. Linking to their helpful blogs just seems neighborly let alone a tool to compile blogged sources for my reference here (like mom & dad say: remember where you came from). By linking to them, they get their appropriate ‘due’ but I also have a type of roster for future use (to invite folks’ opinion on rough cuts, interview tacts, etc).

Happy Scobles + ConvergeSouth hones interview skill

Credit goes to Sue Polinsky for this fun pic at her home. ‘Twas a great evening (tasty crab dip too … correction per Sue: LOBSTER DIP :).

After ConvergeSouth ended Saturday afternoon, Robert and Maryam – pictured above with some cheesy gal… – agreed to interview for the film project.

-World needs good love: The footage shows some happy, hugging Scobles (…not a lesson for interviewing but rather in life: world needs good love!)

-Use the tripod (or talk more softly when interviewing): My voice interfered with their audio at times.

-Calm down & focus, even if the interview subjects are happy, fun, nice: I was nervous about their time & getting them out of there. In reviewing footage, the nervousness is clear because I didn’t follow-up with Robert a few times on his replies with a “why” or “that’s interesting, tell more”.

It was great meeting them. Yet the procured footage works for a quick vlog -vs- an independent interview segment for the documentary.

I beat up on myself yesterday & then my husband said: “It’s all unfolding.” –Not sure what that means but it inspires a sense of calm.

…& this thought: flying to Cali within six months for a Scoble follow-up (too extreme?)?! Or maybe a recorded phone interview via Skype.

Good peeps merge at ConvergeSouth e.g. Blogger Bonanza + Banana Pudding

Just returned to DC after ConvergeSouth.

Vlog forthcoming…

Enthusiasm. Warmth. Brain Power. Contagious confidence. Sincerity. Banana “Oh God it’s good” Pudding. And I went nuts & asked the keynote speaker sitting just behind me to say ‘hi’ on camera to my husband back in DC.

…& keynote Elizabeth Edwards kindly agreed!

It was all there plus:

— Keynote Elizabeth Edwards gave useful remarks on valuing & creating communities (on or beyond the blogosphere).

Sue Polinsky, Fearless Geek Goddess, was fantastic in pulling the conference off. She took time to be with folks during what must have been crazy times on Friday e.g. shared her home for a Digital Diva session amidst pre-conference stuff, the missing Scobles (delayed in Chicago but successfully appeared in the nick of time), & her recouping husband.

Robert and Maryam Scoble were generous with their time and ideas — let alone effective (and happy!) presenters at making a killer blog. Thanks Xarker for the notes.

Maryam Scoble really got me thinking on alternate tacts for the film project – fireside at David Hoggard’s home over banana pudding Friday night.

–Can’t sleep from dreamin’ on that pudding.

She & other wonderful folks shared their insight & good humor:
Billy ‘Wise Poet’ Jones at Street Planes, Donna Fryer at Search It Right, Ed Cone, Andrew Lunde at What Is Viable, James Harris at Elementalinteractive, Filmmaker Andrew Coon

taking action on lessons learned & exchanged ideas;
staying in contact w/ ConvergeSouthies;

ConvergeSouth + Scoble’s rhetorical pondering…

Adrenaline builds to see Greensboro & the great folks at ConvergeSouth! But first, I’ve savored an exuberant visit in Charlotte with folks who wonderfully motivate this project and are really good friends.

Robert Scoble ‘Scobleizer’ pondered recently who he and his wife Maryam would sit next to en route to this conference. The context of his post conveyed a flare of anticipation, curiosity….


What every aspiring documentarian DREAMS OF, of course: a filmmaker for National Geographic. We gabbed on recent projects and his thoughts on technology and YouTube giving him a run for his money. He appreciates the new, accessible pool of creativity.

–but underscored an interesting point: true passion and talent rise to the top. And the fun question in response: …top of what?

Here’s to endless possibilities and good peeps.

ConvergeSouth, Tech Philosophy, Evil Genius

The ConvergeSouth conference is next week & it’s getting pretty exciting around our house. For my IT-geek Sean, he gets the house to himself. For me, I get to meet & gab with some cool, kind peeps. And if any spouses/partners of IT professionals/hobbyists happen to be there, maybe they’ll get a kick out of interviewing for the project!

ConvergeSouth staff has done a great job in communicating who will attend + info on respective blogs. I’m reading-up on attendees and learned Dave Slusher at Evil Genius just changed his blog signature to “Post-modern. Pre-singularity.” I’m not so plugged-in to know the meaning behind this so I asked my spouse.

…who filled me in. I’m still absorbing this but hope to pick brains more at the conference. Maybe that’s a stretch since folks are so busy at these things. Maybe at least some light gabbing over beer is a more reasonable goal.

& I just can’t wait.

On the verge… of ConvergeSouth

Wow. So I’m traveling near Greensboro during the ConvergeSouth conference where Maryam Scoble & her Scobleizer will lead a discussion on making awesome e.g. “killer” blogs.


registered just now.

How fun. The courses look useful (I’m quite the new blogger). And heck! … I hope to meet some great folks and even techi types who may interview for the film. And if their spouses/partners are there and up for interviewing, all the better!

I’m learning a lot here on taking a risk and just goin’ for it. Thanks to Sean for brainstorming on interviews, teaching the blogosphere, & acting on ‘the thrill of the project.’

Kathy Baird, DC Web Women’s prez, responded favorably to the documentary and invited me to a steering committee meeting + social event to better personalize the film project to members. –pumped! I interview Kerry Mounts the wife of ASEE’s IT Manager this Saturday. Things are kickin’ up.