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Milestone: project interviews for January


This is the first month since really diving-in to this passion project last Fall where couple interviews have occurred on a weekly basis.

It’s just been an addictive blast learning about computer techs and their sweethearts — whether through in-person conversations on camera or via phone. So much as been learned on the technical side too e.g. making folks feel more at ease and being a better listener; camera angles; lighting; blessed audio!

Next up:
really focusing on organizing emerging patterns and traits from interviews
interviewing two cool couples this weekend.
catching-up on tech blog reading!


Geeks or non-geeks alike: gimme a call at new site’s voicemail, 202.204.2670

talk to me
Thanks Final Cut whiz Andy Coon for posting his recent gadget: an exclusive voicemail phone number for his website.

In light of Skype’s voicemail policy aka free-yet-must-buy-something-else-first, I instead opted for Andy’s choice.

It’s free, fun, & ready for your message. So if you want more info on Living with Geeks or to participate in the project or just share something awesome in your life

then leave a message anytime: 202.204.2670.

Reader feedback: questions for folks who shy away from filmed interviews

IT way of life t shirt

Michelle thought the first question on geek stereotypes was too broad and suggested this instead:

What did you think of geeks before you met your mate? And has that view changed since you have been together?

I prefer her revision.

Video/story structure; Top 10 documentaries;


Friend Jennifer and spouse of a documentarian offered an appealing structural idea for the project: Select 5 themes which interviews thus far have addressed and then ensure those topics are addressed by future interviews. She also suggested bringing my own challenges with coding into the line of questioning (…these folks should help teach coding lingo).

And Jay gives it up for his Top 10 non-fiction faves.

Probing, positive, powerful: what are you optimistic about in 2007?



Some bloggin’ folks have passed on this question by the Edge’s World Question Center:

What are you optimistic about in 2007 and why?

Tripping my trigger thus far:

a) laughter overload! Why? the medicinal value overfloweth;

b) announced & to-announce candidates considering the US presidency; Why? electing a president is cool empowerment;

c) decisions toward world peace (nice bit by John McCarthy); Why? It’s a thrilling proposition when it’s a shared goal within the world order.

d) and locally, I’m chomping at the bit for DC’s evolution in media partnerships e.g expanded film fests, local Final Cut initiatives, new vlogger fests, & blogger/vlogger collaborations

What’s got you on the edge of your seat for 2007?

It’s gonna be a stunning year of probing, positive, powerful pppossibility.

* photo by Chotda under CC Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0

Film distribution consult: Stacey Parks

Bk film distr

As sky-rocketing excited as I am about Living with Geeks’ production, my ego does embrace a degree of realism: we’re a long way from the final cut! The video series however should (gulp!) launch in January with hopes of cutting weekly mini segments with ‘geek’ couples.

But it’s still fun & encouraging to browse distribution ideas / successes.

Stacy Parks gives some useful tips.

2007 off to sexy start for project & DC new media

DCWW logo

–Just met with DC Web Women in New Media‘s technical chair & former president Mary Fumento.

She has some creative ideas on connecting with the community with some new media-based events next year. And in February, (hopefully!) a collaborative event will occur that to some degree will involve Living with Geeks. Sorry to be obscure but official details are pending.

Ah but the excitement is in full swing!