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7 seconds: first voicemail for site is a ‘humph’

One reader, a ninja programmer in DC, has a …. neutral opinion on the new voicemail gig:

‘Humphs’ and more welcome here: 202.204.2670


Geeks or non-geeks alike: gimme a call at new site’s voicemail, 202.204.2670

talk to me
Thanks Final Cut whiz Andy Coon for posting his recent gadget: an exclusive voicemail phone number for his website.

In light of Skype’s voicemail policy aka free-yet-must-buy-something-else-first, I instead opted for Andy’s choice.

It’s free, fun, & ready for your message. So if you want more info on Living with Geeks or to participate in the project or just share something awesome in your life

then leave a message anytime: 202.204.2670.

Skype’s new rates: not free but still sexy


Skype Unlimited Calling – a full year of unlimited calls to any phone within the US and Canada for just US$14.95.

More here

A Hong Kong Santa delivers surprise condenser mic!

Santa’s elves are workin’ overtime!


My husband just picked-up mail before coming home and walked in with a mysterious shipment from Hong Kong, addressed to the Jill of the house. With a raised brow I asked ” What the %&*(@ ! ”

And the sorry sneak said “It ain’t from me but I know what it is.”

Out popped a gorgeous electret HTDZ 320A condenser mic perfectly compatible with the Panasonic. I’m out of breath with surprise & glee!

But Santa? Hello Santa? Who helped you make this delivery?

Who, who deserves my kiss of thanks?

Whoever you are, your surprise has made its beautiful mark.

Thank you.

Thank you.