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Alexander Blu & Living with Geeks

Can we give the World Wide Web a world wide hug?

-Received my first email from the former Yugoslavia today from musician Alexander Blu, who offered feedback on the recent trailer (& permitted use of his music).

…wonder if he’s ever heard of Walters, Oklahoma – town of 2,500 – my childhood anchor at the holidays complete w/ Grandma’s mega watt rum punch. Thanks to the Net for making this connection!

Whatta a splendid day.


Avoiding sountrack prison…: music, public domain, & Creative Common licenses

Photo Brass Sheet credited to La Femme Jen in Columbus, OH.

Excellent day…great resources unearthed.

It’s time for including music for a teaser trailer (regarding Scobleizer & his warm, hilarious wife Maryam).

And the net offered the mother load for music options less the traditional copyright constraints:

Go here

or here

or here

& here.