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Dan Rather on bull sh*t & blogs: an Andy Carvin interview

I just linked to this elsewhere but after thinking on it, I want to give DC Media Maker Andy’s interview more attention. I loved this – for its candor & conversational view of Dan Rather.

He interviews Dan Rather from the SXSW conference — where Rather gave the keynote address.


DIY Film Convention … just do it: your 2008 entry


How can you resist a year-round deadline?

Take a look.

Post conference & post taxes equal current weeping


Wow it’s been a while.

-Catching up with email and general business post conference … which involved meeting our tax preparer today.


…after collapsing into a deer-in-headlights mentality for a few hours, I’m now back front & center — glad to support our country’s infrastructure with this payment and glad, so glad, to get back to video and Web 2.0.

How are things?

Missing blog & missing geeks but loving NSF conference


The last week has been nuts, nuts I say! … but very good.

I worked on a contractor team supporting the National Science Foundation’s annual, two week event: convening hundreds of professors who review thousands of applicants competing for NSF fellowships. It’s one of the most competitive fellowship programs around.

It’s been a fantastic, energetic experience. And our collective futures look bright considering the research many of these students will conduct.

And later this week – it’s back to the awesome world of video production!

How are YOU?

Reflections: project goals, good peeps, & video tech (plus leaving town)

star trek

Have a stunning week! (-leaving town but shall link up to blogosphere).

After pondering the video series & documentary, I realized again what a blast it’s been. Few things are as fun & engaging as meeting geek-folks who love their lives & what they do (and want to share it). I’ve learned tons on video tech & style from great peeps (join us for happy hour this Thursday!).

And I’ve got a burnin’ drive to make these things happen by March!
vlog more on favorite parts of the project, the people interviewed etc; post more personal reflections via video;
get up to speed on Final Cut (Andy’s a big resource on Final Cut trends & tips) — as to post clips from couple interviews more steadily (weekly!);
diversify media e.g. podcast w/ Audacity, post photos, etc

Kevin Nalty at DIY Convention: the viral videologist speaks


Kevin certainly gets some traffic.

–Bet his talk at the DIY Convention will heartily rock.

CES & bloghaus re-cap: Scoble becomes fan of blunt Loren Feldman

Scoble cracks-up in a good way and says it’s all good with Feldman.

And we all need some funny bubbles.