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CES & bloghaus re-cap: Scoble becomes fan of blunt Loren Feldman

Scoble cracks-up in a good way and says it’s all good with Feldman.

And we all need some funny bubbles.


More CES: RCA beats Bluetooth with first, true wireless headphones

CES headphones

Gadget-geekdom couldn’t be more cool.

CES video: walking through it all with Scoble

…apparently it’s a 13-minute stroll.

CES video: Geek Entertainment’s Irina in bed literally with Lauren Feldman

silly smiley t shirt

PodTech’s bloghaus peeps keep that gossip mill spinning…

From his bed at CES: Vloggin’ Feldman wants women

…blessed be the lonely geeks.

CES & Bloghaus: Maryam Scoble on Vista


She’s giving it a thumbs up.

CES: Joystiq reports on Gates’ keynote


Christopher Grant gives up at least some of Microsoft’s ‘leaked’ news.