video, 1.5 min: phil shapiro talks pros & cons of youtube at web 2.0 video panel

Produced by Yours Truly.

Phil is a great, consistent supporter of DC Web Women and added a lot of insight to video creativity.

Phil’s also a DC Media Maker.


video, 45 seconds, by beth kanter: happy 12th anniversary to dc web women

Beth joined the Web 2.0 video panel remotely; she also cut this for our celebration.

So good (…young blogger-vlogger in training):

video, 1.5 min: jonny goldstein talks-up diy video over mass media at dc web women’s web 2.0 panel

Produced by Yours Truly.

-Loved how Jonny emphasized empowering one’s self to cover community events:

Jonny’s also a DC Media Maker.

video, 4 min: andy carvin talks citizen journalism & tunisia at dc web women’s web 2.0 video panel

I just cut four videos – all brief – reflecting core discussions from DC Web Women’s 12th anniversary event last week.

Excellent affair.

-with other panelist Jonny Goldstein getting a laugh and strong commentary from DCWW member Barbara Halpern:

Andy’s also a DC Media Maker.

Feedback + footnotes on no-tripod look: Eve & Miki’s Living with Geeks clip

RE – tripod or not

I love the hand-held approach (vs tripod) esp in the video series. The look comes across more personal & participatory in interviews. So I experiment more with camera style in the vid series (vs with the core documentary content).


I agree more with Phil, video creative & savvy DC Media Maker:
the movement distracts from this clip’s cool subjects.


RE – As for the lighting

What do you think?

If memory serves, we talked mostly in the sun room late afternoon where additional lighting was unavailable (…memory is fading on this point!).

Loving the feedback (thanks and keep it comin’).


2 minutes of adult toys, Star Wars, trouble: Eve & Miki duel lightsaber style on Living with Geeks

Meet Miki & Eve.

—champions of all things tech (and their dogs) who have at least a what — 5000:2 computer to human ratio in their home. Slight exaggerations aside, they by day work in Web design & strategy; and by night, Miki at least per his wife becomes “a CRAZY online gaming freak.”

From their medieval nuptials to their modern debates over Mac vs PC, get a glance at their Star Wars geek-out on this week’s Living with Geeks:

Twelve years strong: DC Web Women celebrate 12th year with Web 2.0 panel, vid gurus Scoble, Kanter, Carvin, Shapiro, & Goldstein

It has arrived (1.5 minute vid).

It’s been a thrill organizing this event with a great committee team.

DC Web Women celebrate their 12th year as a group, encouraging and supporting women professionals and enthusiasts in new media.

Great folks – with some DC Media Makers – comprise our panel on Web 2.0 & video:
Andy Carvin
Beth Kanter (contributing remotely)
Jonny Goldstein
Maryam Scoble (contributing remotely)
Phil Shapiro

I just can’t wait!