producing a 48 hour film project: dracula meets a nasty dc (join us & screen our final cut at AFI Theatre 5/8th!)

Fear.less.films entered the 48 Hour Film Project this past weekend; from sundown 5/4th to sundown 5/6th — our team wrote, cast, rehearsed, filmed, & cut a 6 minute short film.

I produced the project and loved every minute. The final cut is a creepy riot; the audio could have been stronger. We just ran out of time to tweak. But bottom line, who knew being so horrifically immoral could be so fun…in terms of producing a film.

Join us this Tuesday! Come celebrate & screen our film Tuesday, May 8th, 7pm, at Silver Spring’s AFI Theatre!

We drew our genre out of a hat last Friday and from there, produced the film soup to nuts.

our genre:

our assigned prop: bracelet

our assigned character: Rosie or Roosevelt Addams

& our assigned line of dialogue: “That’s what I’m talking about.”

Hilarious. Fun. Adrenaline packed. And richly immoral & unhealthy as are the ways of the horrifying!


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