Your opinion on interviews: approaching folks who resist on-film talks

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A project goal for 2007 is to better reach-out to IT folks that shy away from on-camera or phone conversations; to make them more at ease – it seemed drafting core questions for them to reply via email would work (with posting replies and emerging data patterns on the LWG site). It also seems a fun, accessible way to keep the conversation going on geek-couplehood.

So what do you think of these as the ‘core’ questions to ask for email interviewees? What do you want to see added, subtracted, changed?

Quick note:
These are geared toward the less computer savvy aka non-geek partner of the couple to answer but I’m very game talking with dual-geek households too:

a) Consider your stereotypical image of the modern-day computer-tech and then compare how you/your computer-tech mate aka ‘geek’ compares to this image. What qualities, traits, or habits support or contradict your stereotypical notions?

b) Describe your geek-mate in the context of religion; romance; parenthood; tech habits/hobbies like gaming or blogging; money matters e.g. is there a budget solely for tech gadgets; sense of humor; domestic chores. What’s your mate’s approach to some or all of these? Or feel free sharing what you both do as a team toward these issues.

c) What attracts you the most about your geek-mate? How are you most compatible?

d) How do you most differ? What drives you nuts? e.g. Wifi is mandatory for all vacations

e) Share a memorable moment or experience that – to you – defines the uniqueness of your geek-mate or you together as a geek-couple e.g. they have more old, unused CPUs than their toddler’s stuffed animal collection

f) Feel free answering your favorite, un-asked question here!


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