O’Reilly FOO camp & geek bonding

This looks funtastic!

O'Reilly animal sketch

O’Reilly’s Brian Sawyer just posted Google’s aerial shots of last year’s FOO camp aka Friends Of O’Reilly. –Wonder if there will be one this year?

What it was:

We’ve invited about 200 Friends Of O’Reilly…people who’re doing interesting works in fields such as web services, data visualization and search, open source programming, computer security, hardware hacking, GPS, alternative energy, and all manner of emerging technologies to share their works-in-progress, show off the latest tech toys and hardware hacks, and tackle challenging problems together. We’ll have some planned activities, but much of the agenda will be determined by you. We’ll provide space, electricity, a wireless network, and a wiki. You bring your ideas, enthusiasms, and projects. We all get to know each other better, and hopefully come up with some cool ideas about how to change the world.

I’d love to interview some O’Reilly folks with their domestic partners, let alone The Good Tim.


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