Christmas Eve’s sexist but well-meaning blogger

These days we live in a new media wonderland where most of the time all folks wanting to converse on content can engage.

It’s this savory democratic seamlessness that inspires passion for Web 2.0, Node101, and as Scobleizer said, being apart of the conversation.

But according to at least one male blogger, a woman’s looks are a more notable reason to engage. He today revealed his Most Beautiful Women Bloggers of 2006. His list highlights a few of the blogosphere’s popular personalities in new media & tech. Some are producers or Ivy League grads which he admits but only as back-up to the main reason why these women bloggers were acknowledged: their looks.

If I truly embrace the Net’s democracy, then why should I harp? It’s almost Christmas after all and this guy seems decent, well-informed and well-quoted about the digital age. I’ll certainly give him all that.



2 responses to “Christmas Eve’s sexist but well-meaning blogger

  1. The only commment I will add is that this was a post about Vloggers … but seriously, zefrank can be having a day when his face is broken out and it just makes no difference to me (he spoke about this in one show). *sigh*

  2. I’ve rated the guys in the interest of fairness.

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