Why I began this film (& Dave Winer knocks my socks off)

Dave Winer wrote this essay eons ago; it deserves a stadium applause for how it observes the wonderful exactness in computer programmers:

A great programmer is a seeker of truth and beauty. Successful programmers know how to ask questions, and they know how to ask the *right* question. You can’t go forward until that happens. A programmer is a rigorous scientist determined to coax the truth out of the ones and zeros. There’s the beauty.

This is why I can’t wait to do my job in the morning & produce this documentary and video series:

a) marriage to my IT Architect, after 6+ years, is a funky thing;
b) and computer techs in my little world like my man see life in mostly black and white e.g. the machine works or it doesn’t; the code either fixed it or didn’t; the program is either dumb or smart; people are smart or stupid.

I’m not that type of thinker; the world is one big beautiful zone of gray that takes a lot of laughter and sifting through to figure out. But really computer-centric folk seem to view things more strictly, with a unique clarity. I still like my ‘gray periscope’ but I crave the stories of computer techs to hear their versions of clarity — and how their partners experience that uniqueness. I realize this works from generalization yet it also stems from personal experience.


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