Content hungry & DC Linux group

Re – building interview pipeline

It was a great day for following-up on potential interviewees & learning more DC tech groups, including DCLUG, a Linux group downtown. At tonight’s meeting, I learned about mapping virtualization (nice guy Don saw the ‘huh?’ look & explained what that meant).

Przemek Klosowski, DCLUG founder, offered some new media contacts. Direct interview leads weren’t unearthed but all was worthwhile.

More fun…:

This is a hilarious (sometimes resonating…) bit on computer techs as mates.

Thanks gal-geek-goddess Deanna for the heads-up.


One response to “Content hungry & DC Linux group

  1. I have been dying to come over and visit the new digs. Hey, VERY nice! Must catch up on my reading now.

    Thanks for the well wishes, starting to feel better all ready. Dern, I guess that means I have to go to work tomorrow…wah

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