Video/indie film: creating your studio

I love learning indie film tech & system compatibility; more & more folks ask for equipment insights. I’ve broken (yikes) plenty of cameras but am currently having good fortune with Panasonic’s PVGS-180.

Since my knowledge fund is still forming on said tech, I like referring folks to more informed bloggers on equipment comparisons like Andy Coon, a Final Cut advocate & filmmaker in Greensboro.

These lighting kits per last week’s Gov’t Video & Technology Expo offer decent bang-for-the-buckeroo; having one of these intermediate kits is an eventual goal.

…reading iCreate Magazine for the non-Net reader experience is a good reference too for Apple folks.


One response to “Video/indie film: creating your studio

  1. Jill, that lighting kit is great. I wish I could see those in action. Last year I bought some sweet lights from on Ebay for about $500 but I would trade them in any day for those. It takes about 15 minutes to set up the Amvona Lights.

    May I ask, how are you breaking cameras? Although my consumer model’s zoom feature just busted… Hummmm.

    Thanks for the info

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