Fumentos’ interview: comparing take 1 to take 2

Immediately below is the second cut of the Fumentos’ original clip. I love the music; what say you on playing the music along with their audio track? Have a good day (…with their original post directly following).




3 responses to “Fumentos’ interview: comparing take 1 to take 2

  1. The first one, with the intro and the banner with the interviewees names is way better, and really cool. Don’t know if the music is right, but the intro is kickass.

    Also, I like the little montage at the beginning to ease into the interview is great, and gives a better feeling of what sort of people they are in a nonverbal way.

  2. I like the 2nd edit better too. I think the music ties the visuals (tree, decorations, etc.) that don’t have voices with it into the segment better.

    The choice of music isn’t bad. It’s a little…romantic? Dreamy? Which makes sense when you’re talking about people who leave Christmas decorations up all year. But it’s also…bouncy and energetic like the other music you’ve experimented with.

    I also think her answers pointed to something important about geeks. Sooooo many of them that I know are really into fantasy and legend and myth.

    Some of it is pure escapism to a world where their brains mattered as much as someone else’s brawn. Myth/fantasy often rewards wiles as much as brute strength.

    But some of it is also the fascination with alternate worlds, the roots of things, the eternal exploration of the question “what if…”.

    The Fumento’s are just more conscious of their love of myth and such and better are verbalizing it.


  3. I like the music and the intro. The music also matches well with the couple’s story, in this snippet. Kudos on the selection.

    I think because the music acts as a signal to direct my attention away from the speaker, I keep waiting for the speaking to end and the next bit to begin. This is okay for a short clip (e.g. less than 5 minutes) but may be distracting for longer clips.

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