Apple customer service *not* the apple-of-my-eye

In between meetings today I called two different Apple customer support lines with a general question. Neither department knew the answer (one support member transferred me to sales who then wanted to transfer me elsewhere).

And the second customer/sales agent said I needed my computer’s serial number to avoid being charged for the call. Yikes(!) + odd(!).

I just cut a 7-minute short & needed to burn two dvd discs on Mac’s intel core duo machine. The question was thus:

Which dvd format e.g. plus or minus is most conducive to this type of Mac?

Time was pinched so at the office supply store I bought both formats. After reading more later, I learned the system should accept both types.

This was the first time to utilize Apple’s customer support teams (non-web). Ugh.

What’s been your experience?


3 responses to “Apple customer service *not* the apple-of-my-eye

  1. Did you call technical support? I’ve never had an issue with Apple customer support. Sales staff and technical staff operate differently though and it sounds like you were asking a technical question of the sales staff.

    Technical support could have told you that the Superdrive supported both DVDR+ and DVDR-.

  2. They do support both but I highly favor DVD-R. I had issues with DVD+R never had a problem with DVD-Rs. If you order in bulk I highly suggest you purchase Taiyo Yuden DVD-Rs. Check em out here.

    I’ve never had a problem with these. Also what kind of Mac do you have?

  3. It should work fine with an Intel Mac.

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