McDreamy & McSteamy interview for ‘Living with Geeks’ ! ! !


Good pal Sebastian, smart but still a loser for not blogging, makes fun of his wife & me for our almost dignified crushes on the Grey’s Anatomy cast. With his geeked-out wit in stellar form, he wrote this sketch with our crushes & recent ‘geek’ interviewee – Scobleizer – in mind:


Jill: So tell me Dr. Scoble

Scoble: Actually, I’m not a doctor. I used to be a Microsoft Technical Evangelist, and now am Vice Pres…

Jill: Just shut up, please. You’re so interrupting my McDreamy sequence right now.

Scoble: Not certain what that refers to, but I thought we were here to talk about serious issues like…

Jill: No, I don’t suppose a geek like you would know about McSteamy and his fantastic abs, would you Scooby? And this is important, thank you very much….[starts humming loudly]

Jill, still humming & ignoring Scoble completely: You’re not here only McDreamy and McSteamy and me…


That’s called mccrushing the mccrush!


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