Happy Scobles + ConvergeSouth hones interview skill

Credit goes to Sue Polinsky for this fun pic at her home. ‘Twas a great evening (tasty crab dip too … correction per Sue: LOBSTER DIP :).

After ConvergeSouth ended Saturday afternoon, Robert and Maryam – pictured above with some cheesy gal… – agreed to interview for the film project.

-World needs good love: The footage shows some happy, hugging Scobles (…not a lesson for interviewing but rather in life: world needs good love!)

-Use the tripod (or talk more softly when interviewing): My voice interfered with their audio at times.

-Calm down & focus, even if the interview subjects are happy, fun, nice: I was nervous about their time & getting them out of there. In reviewing footage, the nervousness is clear because I didn’t follow-up with Robert a few times on his replies with a “why” or “that’s interesting, tell more”.

It was great meeting them. Yet the procured footage works for a quick vlog -vs- an independent interview segment for the documentary.

I beat up on myself yesterday & then my husband said: “It’s all unfolding.” –Not sure what that means but it inspires a sense of calm.

…& this thought: flying to Cali within six months for a Scoble follow-up (too extreme?)?! Or maybe a recorded phone interview via Skype.


One response to “Happy Scobles + ConvergeSouth hones interview skill

  1. It was LOBSTER dip, not crab 🙂

    Loved meeting you!

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