Staring at trailer … as if it’s the Storyline Mecca

I have 1.5 hours of footage from two new interviews to finish the rush logs for & cut new trailers from. And yet I still, still, and yet still gaze at this trailer finished a few weeks ago:

…staring at it as if the Mecca of Inspiration will grab me through it & scream: “STRUCTURE YOUR DOC LIKE THIS & THIS & LIKE THIS & YOU’LL HAVE THE IDEAL STORYLINE WITH PERFECT CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT”.

I know I’m round-n-round on this issue but it helps to write/focus/ponder/write again to flesh things out.

I still covet an intro with narration on some IT stats & some pop culture geek images like articles or posters from “Revenge of the Nerds” — like the brainstorming here.

From there, I like the idea of acknowledging the extremes of those images and how they’ve morphed into an IT reality powerhouse in the economy & the blogosphere (where their opinions have street cred like no other modern time e.g. decline of Rather’s career).

And then I gravitate toward the interview segments revolving around once perceived (currently perceived?) stereotypes of the very computer savvy, how their mates think they support or contradict those stereotypes, & even a segment on how some core computer techs describe themselves in the context of a steady relationship.

…there’s something to that – to modern IT-centric people – having more credibility now than in the past 30 years, both professionals and hobbyists. I should address this in interviews.

I’ll have access to a lot of active bloggers next week who are also computer techs — whose spouses/mates may or may not attend ConvergeSouth with them.

So how can I take advantage of these cool techis’ willingness to participate in the doc (and yet without me having access to their significant others’ perspective)?

Does acquiring this footage build up or subtract from my storyline brainstorming?


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