ConvergeSouth, Tech Philosophy, Evil Genius

The ConvergeSouth conference is next week & it’s getting pretty exciting around our house. For my IT-geek Sean, he gets the house to himself. For me, I get to meet & gab with some cool, kind peeps. And if any spouses/partners of IT professionals/hobbyists happen to be there, maybe they’ll get a kick out of interviewing for the project!

ConvergeSouth staff has done a great job in communicating who will attend + info on respective blogs. I’m reading-up on attendees and learned Dave Slusher at Evil Genius just changed his blog signature to “Post-modern. Pre-singularity.” I’m not so plugged-in to know the meaning behind this so I asked my spouse.

…who filled me in. I’m still absorbing this but hope to pick brains more at the conference. Maybe that’s a stretch since folks are so busy at these things. Maybe at least some light gabbing over beer is a more reasonable goal.

& I just can’t wait.


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