What’s the skinny, the purpose, the STORY?

Sheila Curran Bernard offers key structural observations.

I need to refine storyline. Or heck, actually defining the storyline beyond the curiosity of what it’s like living with very tech-minded people would help pull focus now. Conducting interviews — focusing on key elements of domestic partnership like descriptions/quirks of the relationship, money matters, sense of play — comprised my approach thus far. But that leaves a lot of room for random footage (footage that may engage or inspire laughs but could offer little toward story definition). This needs more focus than how spouses perceive their geeky mates at social functions or when buying a new iMac.

What now? How about how computer geeks have fun/play specifically? Focus on select couples, gauge the tenor and dynamics of their companionship, and then learn how they play together as a couple (even how the computer geek mate plays independent from their relationship — as observed by the non-geek mate). Conduct the bulk of the interviews with the non-geek partner with all leading toward final observations of the ‘couple having fun’ … at a software conference or Trek convention or sailing or as the bedroom door closes. Whatever.


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